EN - Wallet platform is designed to suit individuals as well as companies and corporations, providing them with a unified portal to successfully operate personal money transfers, business money transfers and other financial transactions.

The EN - Wallet platform is designed for individuals and businesses, providing them with a unified gateway to complete their personal and business money transfers and other financial transactions successfully.

EN - Wallet aims to ensure our users always benefit from the highest standards of financial service and experience a convenient and easy money transfer process.

Our users have the ability to acquire their own debit cards which are directly linked to their EN - Wallets, providing them with better convenience when it comes to spending their fiat currencies (Paper Money) on their working days, on weekends or even while traveling to different destinations around the world.

EN - Wallet operate on low transfer fees, charging only 3 Euros for each 100 Euros sent or received in Fiat Currencies, and only 1.5 Euros for each 100 Euros sent or received in BitCoin.

EN - Wallet platform is fully compliant with international Anti-Money Laundry & funding terrorism Regulations, while our systems and Terms & Conditions are built to prevent financial crimes and protect all users from digital infringements of all types.

Fiat Currencies Money Transfer

The way we see it, it’s about time that Fiat Currencies Money Transfers become a fast, efficient and hassle-free affair. That’s exactly what we set out to offer through our financial transactions and solutions, allowing our registered users to perform swift and accurate transfers directly through their EN - Wallet.

Swift paper money transfers between EN - Wallets.

Swift paper money transfers from EN - Wallets to other E - Wallets & vice versa.

TSwift paper money transfers to Bank Accounts & vice versa.

Crypto Currencies Money Transfer

We believe cryptocurrenices solutions should not to be reserved to a select few. Instead, we believe that the digital finance landscape should be accessible to all people around the world. Our platform is backed by our vision, our registered users can perform fast and easy cryptocurrencies money transfers from the comfort of their own EN – Wallets.

EN - Remit Service

If you are an individual or a company looking for the fastest, cheapest and safest way to send your fiat currencies (Paper Money) to any country, we offer you the EN - Remit Platform that works with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which is the first of its kind in the world to send your paper money to any geographical location on earth without the intervention of banks or even money exchange companies.

The EN - Remit Platform, which is directly linked to EN - Wallets, allows our users to transfer unlimited amounts of fiat currencies (Paper Money) without the intervention of the financial system, we have designed EN - Remit Platform in an accurate and efficient way to bring it into line with international anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their money transfer experience safely and quickly, and as such we have built EN - Remit Platform that enables anyone with a stable internet connection & a smartphone or a computer to transfer their fiat currencies (Paper Money) securely across the four corners of planet earth by using only the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Where EN - Remit platform for individuals and companies works as described below

Now, what if you can act as a money exchange company able to transfer fiat currencies (Paper Money) to individuals and businesses from your location and to any country around the world by using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Yes, it is possible, all you have to do is go to and register yourself as a "Money Remitter". Once the registration process is complete, your EN - Wallet will be created automatically and linked directly to the EN - Remit Platform which is specialized in the transfer of fiat currencies (Paper Money) without the intervention of banks and money exchange companies. Advertise yourself in your own ways, and when individuals users and companies users registered with communicate with you, set your own money transfer fees and start working immediately in the money transfer field.

Opening a Bank Account

In this day and age, opening a simple bank account should not be a dreaded and complicated process anymore. Our vision is to provide our users with an even more convenient financial journey, we offer our clients the chance to use their EN – Wallets to swiftly open bank accounts in countries where they are eligible to live and work.

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